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Advice on Priorities

Anna Quindlen cautions us against confusing our work and our life. O magazine reader Elizabeth Cooperstein then reminds us that while the days may be long, the years are short. What do these two pieces of advice have in common? Priorities. It is how we set priorities that controls how our time is spent.

So how do you set priorities? How do you organize your schedule? Most of us run around, so busy attending to life’s emergencies and necessities that we laugh at the thought of controlling our schedule and making time for non urgent priorities. Eat a meal with someone? No way, meals have to be squeezed into the car during commute time. Pick up a hobby? How could we? Someone has to make sure the underwear and socks get folded!

Set your priorities, and then be prepared to allow non-prioritized items to go by the wayside. Maybe the underwear won’t be folded at all. Maybe you’ll find that dusting the house once a season is quite enough. Or perhaps you’ll give up making elaborate meals from scratch and spend more time writing your novel. Who knows? You do!

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    1. Exactly. I thought about you when I was writing this post. You’ve done such a good job of identifying priorities and living by them!

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