Are They “Just Words”? A Chat With God

This interview was granted months ago, but God’s schedule is very busy. We are privileged to have this short time with Her.
EFB: So, Almighty Lord, thank you for carving out some time from your schedule for me today.
God: Oh, no problem! We’re doing this in dream time anyway, so you know, a thousand years are as a moment and all that.
God smiles, or at least I think She does, because suddenly the room is brilliantly bright and I hear a burst of celestial music that makes me weep with joy.
EFB: Our readers are few, but they are very interested in what You have to say on the topic of “locker room talk,” and in Donald’s defense of it as “just words.”
God: Ah yes, Donald. He is really something, isn’t he? You know, people don’t see his real beauty the way I do. The way he loves his children and his wives…
EFB: I’m sorry to interrupt, Creator of the World, but you’re saying Donald loves all three of his wives?
God: Of course! Naturally, his love is a little mixed up, the way all human love is, but he deeply loves all three of those women. And the children. Sometimes at night I talk to him in his dreams, and try to tell him not to hide that, the best part of him.
EFB: So do you think Trump is a Christian?
God: smiles coyly, then giggles. Oh, there are some things that stay between Us and the human. After all, none of you are complete yet.
EFB: I see. Well, Redeemer and Lover of My Soul, what do you think about Donald’s “locker room talk.”
God: It’s abhorrent.
The room is now pitch black and the music, which is a constant in the background, has become harsh and dissonant.
God: I’ll just let Jesus talk for a minute.
Jesus: Hello, Elaine. He smothers me in a bear hug. Look, it’s just like I said when I was on earth: the words a human speaks come from their heart and defile them. Words are the first step to actions. Actually, I always really liked how my brother expressed it: the rudder controls the entire ship, and the tongue controls the entire person. He always did have a way with words… Jesus smiles a warm smile and I can tell He’s slightly nostalgic.
EFB: Are you saying that Donald has sexually assaulted women?
Jesus: Elaine, you’ve read the Sermon on the Mount. Matthew did a great job with that – really got the points across so well. His account is my favorite.
God playfully swats Jesus’s shoulder.
Jesus: Oh, it’s fine, Momma. Luke knows that his birth narrative is my favorite too! They’ve all grown up so much since their time with me on Earth. And they were working from the same source anyway –
God: Jesus, sweetie, they don’t know who Q is.
Jesus laughs heartily while covering his mouth.
Jesus: Ooops! I almost let the cat out of the bag! Sorry, sorry, back on topic! Look, Donald Trump’s words are not the same as actions, but they are defiling. He hasn’t tamed his tongue, and this election is really a chance for him to learn some things about himself. Oh, Momma, does Spirit want to say anything?
Jesus melts into the shining white light that is currently representing the Trinity, and then emerges. His face is blindingly bright, but it fades quickly.
Jesus: Spirit doesn’t want to talk about what She’s doing right now. That’s also between Her and the humans She’s working with, which is, of course, all of you!
Jesus laughs, and His laughter makes me laugh. I’m not sure how long we laugh, but when we wrap up I’m tired but exhilarated.
Jesus: Here’s the thing. I can’t be any clearer than I’ve already been. Donald’s words are harmful and evil. His words are harming other people, and there is no distinction between words and actions in the spiritual realm. I’m very proud of my children who are standing up prophetically to address this harm. And this isn’t because he’s a candidate for President, although that is why his words are so public.
Jesus pauses, and then disappears. Now the room is filled with flames, but I’m not hot or injured. I see a white bird, but it’s not a dove. It looks like what I imagine a Phoenix to look like. It’s not really white either, but there aren’t words to describe the color.
Spirit: Donald’s words are a chance for every one of you to examine your own words. What words come from your heart, Elaine? The exposure of Donald’s words is not a chance to attack but a chance to reflect. The question of whether to publicly defend or condemn his words is a question of how you can best make peace in the world. Is your tongue tamed? Do your own words defile you? Do your words harm others? Of course We hate those words. But We do not use those words to make public policy, or elect leaders. We use those words to co-create the New Kingdom with each individual.
At this point, my iPhone ran out of space, but it’s OK, because the rest of the interview transcended language and was just between me and God anyway.

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