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Boundaries for June

This month we’ll be discussing boundaries, a crucial aspect of relational and emotional health. I’ll be using the classic text on the topics: Boundaries by Cloud and Townsend. I highly recommend that you purchase or check out their book, either the original Boundaries or one of the variations (Boundaries with Kids, Boundaries in Marriage, etc.).

boundaries_fron_prooftWhy are boundaries so crucial, and what exactly are they? Boundaries are the limits of what we own and what we are responsible for. They define who we are and who we aren’t. They are crucial because without proper boundaries we end up dis-empowered and frustrated. You cannot change anyone else. Yet confusion about boundaries means we spin our wheels trying to change other people instead of ourselves, and thus we get reality TV, personal drama, and heartache.

I hope you find this month’s discussion interesting and useful! I know that while I have a pretty solid set of boundaries, I am constantly having to examine, set, and revise them to maintain my life.

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