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But I Talk to a Toddler All Day!

How can we, as moms, develop or just maintain our intellect, when the most intelligent conversation we may have all day goes something like this: “Do you want more milk?” “Mik” “More milk, please? Say more milk please.” “Momik peese.”

I love to read, and pre-child, I could read through 4 or 5 library books in 2 weeks, no problem. But now things have changed. I fall asleep while reading. Or I don’t want to mentally engage in reading. I’ve been reading Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell for almost a month now, and in pre-child days I would’ve read it in a week. So reading is no longer my ideal pastime, which makes the question of intellectual development more pressing.

So how do we stay in touch with our brains? I have a few suggestions.

  • Explore topics you are truly interested in, without guilt. If you really want to read about potty training, go ahead!
  • Try new learning methods: take a class, watch TED internet videos, ask your spouse to relate the news to you, watch documentaries.
  • Start small: Don’t worry if it seems like your intellectual capacity has diminished; right now your brain is consumed with the task of civilizing a small child (or children). Just give your brain a little catnip once a week.

How do you keep your brain fit?

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