Emotional Advice on Laughing at Life

The Cursing Mommy’s Book of Days. What a great title! Ian Frazier wrote this book about how to laugh at life, even when life seems to be out to get you. 

The basic idea behind the book, and this advice, is to laugh instead of cry (or curse). When the printer spits out yet another crumpled piece of paper, when the cat poops in the middle of your living room floor and the toddler discovers it first, when your boss makes you work on your birthday weekend at the last minute, choose to laugh instead of cry. Nod your head and say, “Way to go, universe! You made a bad situation even worse!”

This may sound ridiculous and impossible, but it’s actually a lot easier than you think. Just try it. The next time you find yourself cursing or crying, stop for a minute, shake your head, and then force a sob into a laugh. The energy is surprisingly similar. Pretend that you are looking back on this day and narrating it as a humorous anecdote at a party. Everyone knows that the disasters make the best stories!

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