I’m a Doctor, not a …

Did you grow up watching Star Trek, the Original? I did. It was in reruns during my childhood, but I saw enough to make me a huge fan when they started the Next Generation and all the rest of the series. Whether you loved it or hated it, you’re probably familiar with this catchphrase from the ship’s doctor, Bones. “I’m a doctor, not a _____!” If not, check out this sweet YouTube clip:

Sure, it’s funny, but wouldn’t it be nice to be so sure of your own identity and role? Who are you? If you were going to tailor this phrase to your life, what would replace the word “doctor”? And yes, I know we all wear many hats: I’m a wife, mama, writer, small business owner, pastor, and life coach. But ultimately I’m a Guide. That is the form I’m most comfortable in, no matter what hat I’m wearing. I guide my daughter, I guide my husband (get my ebook on the topic, right side of main page!), I guide my clients, etc.

So make your own catchphrase. You’re a ____, not a maid, not a victim, not a doormat.

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