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Know When to Focus

Multi tasking has gotten a bad name recently. One of the trendy articles making the rounds currently is about how trying to multi task actually makes us less effective and efficient. Now, I’ll grant you that most of the time, attempts at multi-tasking end in disaster.


However, let’s not throw the baby out with the bath (sink?) water. Tools which multi task are worth more than tools which don’t. Think of the common knife: adept at spreading butter and slicing bananas, yet Amazon.com will try to sell you a “banana slicer.” And while it’s much more rewarding and beneficial to give your kids undivided attention, some tasks just don’t deserve your full focus. Washing dishes can be a boring activity, or it can be an opportunity to listen to your favorite song and get a little dance time in. Or if you watch TV in real time, commercial breaks can be a great chance to get in a few situps, or tidy a room.

A huge key to living life well is learning when to focus and when to multi-task. Be intentional about when you choose to focus – turn off your phone during that time, or turn off the TV. And be equally intentional about when you choose to multi-task. It’s a fine line between efficiency and distraction. How are you walking it?

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