Making Time

I was honored to write a guest blog for Alice Osborn this week. It’s about the 5 ways you can make time to write, but the principles apply for any priority that you may be neglecting. Here‘s the original post, and here comes the cliff’s notes version!

5. Schedule it: whatever it is, spend some time at the beginning of each week making an appointment to do it.

4. Use commercial breaks: If you can DVR, then at your show’s start time, spend 15 minutes doing your task, then start your show and watch it commercial free!

3. Outsource something else: Yes, just outsource that hated task already! If you have to spend money, do! Then use your reclaimed time for the important tasks in your life.

2. Set a deadline: There’s nothing like a good old fashioned deadline to bring urgency to these important life tasks.

1. Lose your inhibitions: Don’t let perfection get in the way of good enough. Sometimes you have to just dive in and do something badly for a while. Don’t worry, you’ll improve!


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