Marbled Coffee Cake
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Marbled Coffee Ring Cake

My next Mary Berry Bake is Marbled Coffee Ring Cake.

This is basically a vanilla cake flavored with coffee. We don’t drink coffee in my family, so I have no way to create it. Fortunately, the Brits aren’t known for coffee either, so the recipe calls for instant coffee powder! That is something I do have in my baking cabinet. I find that coffee is a good flavor and a yucky drink.

Mary Berry Marbled Coffee Cake

I don’t have a tube pan. Instead I have a Bundt pan and an angel food cake pan. I decided to go with the Bundt pan, and I greased it well. Still, I didn’t grease it quite well enough, because my cake stuck. Tragedy! I felt like a foolish contestant on Nailed It! I wonder if it would have come out had I used butter, as Mary Berry recommends, or perhaps Baker’s Joy spray.

In order to achieve the marbled effect, I had to separate my batter and flavor half of it with coffee. I wish I had thought to flavor the other half, perhaps with vanilla or a citrus flavor. Still, I got my two colors and flavors and laid them in the pan with a spoon. Then I used a cake tester to “marble” them.

two kinds of batter

I have attempted marbling before. I make pumpkin brownies which are delicious. My marbling fails there, mostly because I make my own pumpkin puree, and it is more watery than the canned stuff. This results in a thin pumpkin batter over a thick brownie batter, so I get a pretty weak marble.

Oddly enough, the addition of just 1 tablespoon of coffee altered my cake batter in comparison to the plain batter. It was pretty easy to mix, but I did notice a change in texture.

Once the cake came out I made a sweet icing with coffee, but I’m not sure I got the texture right because it ran off the sides of my cake. I will say, though, the icing was AMAZING! It looks like chocolate icing, but the flavor is all super sweet coffee.

marbled coffee cake

The final touch was to melt some white chocolate, put it in a plastic bag, and cut a hole in the bag for piping. This never turns out well when I try it. The holes I cut get too big, and the white chocolate was very hot in the bag. So my piping does NOT look elegant.

This cake was absolutely delicious! It did taste strongly of coffee, but also sugar, so I really enjoyed it. My husband didn’t care for it, but the other people I shared it with did like it a lot. This will stay in my rotation as a nice different cake for sharing.

Marbled Coffee Cake

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  1. Looked yummy. I have a bundt pan that is supposedly non-stick. Nevertheless I spray it thoroughly with Bakers Joy and that works very well.

  2. The cake looks amazing. I usually use a bunts pan for coffee cakes as well. The coffee icing looks like it did exactly what it should, poured over it runs like a glaze( I like icings that pool around the bottom edge as well as coat top and river tracks down the side lol, get some in every bite)
    The cake colour looks good as well. I wonder if it would adapt well to a chocolate and coffee marble or vanilla and mocha, imagine using a flavoured coffee—- the possibilities are making my brain speed away from me lol.
    Another Elaine success in my view

    1. Thanks! I would love to tinker with the flavor of the non-coffee cake! Vanilla, hazelnut, almond…

  3. That looks incredible, nice job! Also, as someone who likes to go 50/50 on coffee and creamer, I feel: “It did taste strongly of coffee, but also sugar, so I really enjoyed it” deep in my soul!

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