6 Natural Tasks that should come with Instruction Manuals

  • Breathing:
    It’s very easy to find articles all loudly proclaiming that we don’t breathe properly. But how can that be? Breathing is one of the very few activities that we are born knowing how to do. Well, the basic problem boils down to technique. Our lungs are large, and when we don’t move our diaphragm (or belly) while breathing, the lungs aren’t filling with air. Here’s an article about how to breathe deeply.
  • Recovering from Illness: allergy-18656_640
    Yep, we don’t know how to recover from being sick. I got a bad sore throat Wednesday evening while cooking dinner. By the time I put my daughter to bed, my nose was so congested I couldn’t breath. What did I do on Thursday? I got up, got my daughter to preschool, and then promptly slept for 2 hours. Now, I know not everyone has that luxury, but it was a sacrifice for me. I could’ve used those 2 hours to accomplish countless tasks. Instead I gave them over to recovery from my sore throat. REST is essential for recovery, and most of us don’t give ourselves permission to spend a day in bed allowing our bodies to heal.
  • Sleep:
    I hate everyone who is asleep right now...
    I hate everyone who is asleep right now…

    I’ve already written a blog post about 6 ways you can improve your sleep today. Did you read it? If so, did you implement any of my methods? If you are having trouble with sleep, and a doctor has ruled out medical issues, then you may need to change some of your habits. Don’t wait! Make one small change each week and see if things improve.

  • hands-344759_640Sex:
    Yes, sex. I bet most of you can remember your first experience with sex, and it wasn’t very much like the movies, was it? We have been sold a big fat lie when it comes to sex, and now the issue is shrouded in mystery. For more information, I recommend Laurie Watson’s YouTube videos. There are lots of resources out there that can help you improve your sex life without embarrassing the heck out of you!
  • Breastfeeding: baby-21167_640
    A friend of mine once called breastfeeding the most unnatural natural act, and I agree with her! Learning how to breastfeed your baby without pain and frustration can be very challenging – not for all women, but for most. As it happens, I depended heavily on my actual breastfeeding manual, the Womanly Art of Breastfeeding. Another fantastic resource is the La Leche League.
  • Motherhood:
    This is definitely one of the hardest tasks I have ever taken on. I read books and blogs, and talk to other moms. Sometimes my husband will ask me a question about what to do and I just shrug. It’s liberating to admit, hey, I don’t really know. I think the best thing to do is find parents who have adult children you like, and then ask them to mentor you.


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