October Stitch Fix Review

I got my October Fix on Friday and couldn’t wait to break into it!
If you aren’t doing Fix yet, you need to! Use my link (I’ll get a discount if you do).
You sign up and fill out a style profile, all for free. Then you schedule a Fix. They can come as often as once a month, or as rarely as once a quarter. Your stylist selects five items for you and you get to try them on and decide if you want them. If you send everything back, it only costs $20, for the styling fee. If you keep anything, the $20 styling fee is credited to your purchase. If you keep all five items, you get a 25% discount off the total price. It’s a lot of fun. It’s especially helpful if you have a Pinterest style board – my stylist is very helpful by paying attention to my Pins.
SO, on to the fix!
I didn’t have any special style notes this month. I have a standing request to avoid jewelry, accessories, and shoes, because I’ve got those covered. This month I got 4 tops and 1 pair of leggings.
First up, the Beamen Crochet Detail Knit Top in gold for $48. This is a cute t-shirt that looks like a cardigan. It has adorable crochet detail around the neck that continues around the back. The fit was fine. However, I’ll be sending this back for two reasons. The first is that the fabric is very sheer. As you can see, you can clearly see the line between my skin and my jeans. I would want to wear a camisole of some kind, and that complicates my life! But that wouldn’t be a huge deal except this color is really NOT for me. I’m a winter, so yellows are tricky, and this gold just didn’t do anything for me and my coloring. If only this came in a deep red, or emerald green, or even almond, it could’ve been a new member of my closet!

Second, the Carlisle Mixed Material Top in black for $78. This is a very comfortable cotton knit top with three quarter sleeves. The fit was great, fabric super comfortable, and I really like the lace look. My harshest critics (Husband & daughter) didn’t care for this, but I really do like it. It feels like one of those tops you can throw on over jeans or dress slacks and be dressed appropriately for any occasion. I’m on the fence about this one.

Third, the Neymar Pleat Detail Blouse for $64. This was preferred over the Carlisle by my critics, but it’s not as comfortable. The detail work is great and I love this print and the colors. However, it’s very sheer, which means the three quarter sleeves don’t provide any warmth. So it looks like a fall top, but I would probably wear it in warm weather, like summer. In addition, it’s not quite as comfortable as the Carlisle. I think this will be going back simply because I don’t see myself wearing it a lot, because the sheerness doesn’t go with the season.
Fourth & Fifth, the Bevvy Crochet Detail Floral Knit Top and Sandie Fleece Lined Legging, for $68 and $88 respectively. This was an instant winner! The fleece lined leggings were super comfortable and a perfect fit! They are a subtle charcoal color that will match all my existing tunics and long tops. And did I mention warm? I love snuggly clothes in the winter, especially when they aren’t super bulky. As for the top, it is also very comfortable and fits me wonderfully. It drapes over my figure and hides my trouble spots. I love the subtle trim detail on the bodice and the little band of fabric across my shoulder blades. This top is everything the Neymar Pleat blouse needed to be! 
So I’m definitely keeping the blouse and leggings. Not sure yet about the Carlisle top.

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