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Radical Honesty

I am radically honest. I say things that many people only think. I admit to myself truths that most people hide and deny. This can lead to some discomfort, especially to those around me. However, it has never led me anywhere but freedom.

When I started therapy for post partum depression, I was radically honest with my therapist. I said things that I knew I should be ashamed of. I spoke words that I would never have uttered in my child’s hearing. But I needed to express the lies that were filling my head. If I had denied those thoughts they would’ve maintained their power over me. Instead I spoke them, and when exposed to light they faltered and failed. My radical honesty was the key to my healing.

Why do we lie, to ourselves and to others? Because we are afraid: afraid that the other can’t handle the truth, afraid of disapproval or conflict, afraid that if we speak the truth we will lose love or friendship. Sometimes we simply refuse to acknowledge the darker evil hidden within. And so we get angry at someone, and instead of acknowledging that we have the capability to hate an innocent person, we justify our anger and excuse it, even while condemning it in others. But denial and falsehood can never lead us into healing freedom. It is only by bringing these awful truths into the open that we can be set free from them.

What do you need to be honest about today?

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