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Retreat! Or Attack?

I went away last weekend for a writer’s retreat. It was a lovely time in Valle Crucis, NC. I joined a group of women, all amazing writers, and we spent time together writing, reading and sharing.

Everyone knows what a retreat is. It is a time away, a literal retreat from the quotidian chores of life. The participant travels somewhere, often a remote location with no access to the outside world, and spends time relaxing and refreshing, and sometimes working on a particular goal.

InSpire Coaching is hosting a retreat this January. I mentioned this to a friend, and he asked me why it wasn’t an attack. He was joking, of course, but there’s some truth to his question. Will the January retreat be a retreat or an attack? Or perhaps a little of both?

When we spend time away in a different setting, a setting where our physical needs are tended too without our effort, we are refreshed. And there is huge value in this kind of retreat. But at the end of the retreat, what do we return to? Do we simply go back into our hectic lives, plunging right back into schedules and alarm clocks and meal planning? Or do we go back and change things? Do we go back and attack?

At the end of the InSpire retreat, we will all be equipped and ready to attack our life goals. January is a perfect time for resolutions and new beginnings. And the retreat will focus on what resolutions we make and how to overcome the obstacles that have blocked those resolutions from reaching fruition. It will be a strategic, organized retreat, one which prepares us to return to life and attack, charging towards our goals with confidence.

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