Spiritual Benefits of Laughter

Religion is not often funny. The Bible is hardly a humorous book, and Jesus is known as the Man of Sorrows. But that doesn’t mean that a good hearty laugh isn’t spiritual!

First, God created us in Her image. Since we have a sense of humor, it stands to reason that God does too. Second, I’m pretty sure Jesus wasn’t above a laugh or two. There’s a hint of that when Jesus walks on water: He’s sent the disciples ahead of him in a boat and stayed behind. In the wee small hours of the morning, He heads out, walking on water, towards their boat, which was still crossing the water. And He intends to walk past them, but when they see Him and freak out, He comes into the boat instead. Can’t you just see it now? Jesus grinning to Himself, thinking, “man, those guys are gonna be blown away when I meet them on the shore in the morning!” (This is in Mark 6).

JesuslaughSo, set yourself free – enjoy life! The next time you have a good laugh, thank God for funny things.

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