Spiritual Boundaries

What do spiritual boundaries look like? Often that depends on what religion a person adheres to. As a Christian, I will use my own spiritual boundaries as examples, but please know that I am not prescribing these boundaries to anyone, Christian or not. I am simply sharing to give insight and inspiration to those who want to examine their own spiritual boundaries.

I should note that this is one area where I tend to disagree with the Boundaries book by Cloud and Townsend. I personally find their chapter on Boundaries and God to be too anthropomorphized and simplistic. But it is a good starting point.

What am I responsible for in my relationship with God?

  • My spiritual disciplines, which keep me in contact with Her
  • My will, which I struggle to keep submitted to Her
  • My participation in a faith community which keeps me grounded and supported

And so here are some boundaries I have set for myself.

  • Daily prayer
  • Involvement with a church, both in attendance and in volunteering
  • Quarterly spiritual retreats

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