Hell in the Hallway
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Hell in the Hallway

When the Bishop directed me to chaplaincy instead of ordination, my spiritual director told me: “When God closes one door, He opens another, but it’s hell in the hallway.” I laughed, and I’ve held that quote close to me in the last couple of years. I’ve never been one to enjoy transitions. For as long…

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Priorities, Resolutions, and What Really Matters

Are you already planning how 2018 will be different? New Year’s Day is our favorite time to try a fresh start. We promise ourselves that 2018 will be different! That this year we will get those goals taken care of. But we usually fail to look at why we failed in 2017. What happened? Quite…

Did You Forget to Eat Today?
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Did You Forget to Eat Today?

Once upon a time, I had a baby. I was committed to breastfeeding, and everyone gave me advice. The most common thing I heard was: Sleep when the baby sleeps. Check! I can do that, I thought. I plunged into the sleep deprived world of on demand breastfeeding and within 2 months my little one…

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To Create Magic, Manage Expectations

Managing expectations is the most important and most challenging aspect of the holiday season. We put enormous pressure on ourselves to create this Dickensian holiday where all the food is perfect and every child is happy, forgetting that we don’t have an entire staff of servants to help us pull it off. So what can…