Tagalong Ice Cream

Getting an ice cream maker just before Girl Scout Cookie season proved to be an excellent combination! I am inspired to make ice cream combined with Girl Scout cookies!

My first attempt is to combine Peanut Butter Patties with ice cream. I debated whether I wanted to do chocolate, peanut butter, or chocolate AND peanut butter flavor for the ice cream. I decided to go with BOTH. I found a recipe for chocolate peanut butter ice cream that looked sufficiently yummy and went to town.

I followed the directions, found here, to make the ice cream. When it was ready to churn, I put it in and set my timer for 17 minutes. Then I broke up all the cookies in one box of Peanut Butter Patties.

At the 17 minute mark, I added the broken cookies to the churn.

The result is delicious! The ice cream has a wonderful silky peanut butter flavor with just enough chocolate to complement it. And the crunchy frozen cookie fragments are delicious! Not soggy and not too hard!

Coming up:

Toasted Marshmallow ice cream with S’mores cookies.

Lemon Rosemary ice cream with Lemonades.

Any other suggestions?

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