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The Internet isn’t just pics of cats?

The idea that we can use the Internet to challenge our intellect may seem ridiculous. After all, most people find that they’ve spent five hours online just looking at adorable cat videos. Or reading Cracked.com. Or playing games on Facebook. Or (insert your vice here). And yet, the Internet is a vast repository of information. You just need to be careful to vet the sources. Here’s an interesting 10 minute video on vetting sources.

So how can you use the Internet to challenge your brain? Try doing some research. For example, whenever my husband or I come up with a question, we go online to find an answer. This is how we learned that some snakes are oviparous, some are viviparous, and some are ovoviviparous (great word!). Maybe not the most profound insight in the world, but still, it grew our brains a little. Here are some websites that can help you keep your brain fit.

www.wikipedia.org: It’s not a classical encyclopedia, but even if the article is biased, you can have fun reading the comments and disagreements.

Raleigh Parks and Recreation: Check this website out to find classes you can take.

Crosswords and Sudoku: This site has crosswords and sudoku puzzles.

www.Ted.com: Talks by all sorts of people on all sorts of topics.

www.snopes.com: Did you see the crazy storm front looming over the Statue of Liberty during Hurricane Sandy? Has someone recently warned you about how a perfume sample can be used to kidnap you? Snopes is the best website for researching these kinds of stories and claims, which often turn out to be urban legends.


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