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Why Do We Crucify Ourselves?


You are beautiful. Not only that, you are intelligent and capable. You, my reader, in this moment, are one of the most amazing people in the world. You are the reason that I started this business, the reason that I offer retreats and courses and one on one coaching. Because I see you, all of you, unaware of your greatness.

We walk around, criticizing ourselves and others. We look at our bodies and see only the flaws. We scroll through Facebook and Pinterest and Instagram and compare ourselves unfavorably to everyone else. And then we criticize others: we are so full of self-criticism that when another women admits defeat or mistakes, we jump at the chance to feel superior, just once.

I have yet to meet a woman who did not have talent, ambition, and a high level of success under her belt already. But fear sells. And so the media tells us to be afraid. Advertisers tell us that we are ugly. Politicians tell us we will lose all our money. And underneath it all is that small voice, the voice of the lizard brain, reinforcing every critical thought. We become blind to our successes, seeing only our failures.

Through years of work, I have learned how to silence that voice. I have learned to accept the overflowing Divine grace and love that is available to us all. As I realized that I am whole and complete exactly as I am in each moment, giving myself grace and love, I began to see the stunning beauty of the people around me. And that is my mission here: to teach you to do the same. To remove the veil of self-criticism and fear from your self-image so that you can see the beauty and power in yourself and others. We put ourselves on a cross of fear and doubt; we criticize ourselves mercilessly, tearing down our souls and killing joy. And we don’t have to.

“Why do we crucify ourselves

Every day, I crucify myself

Nothing I do is good enough for you,

Crucify myself.”

Tori Amos, Crucify


Call me today. Schedule a breath of fresh air. Let’s try on the idea that you are whole and complete. I can see what you have been blinded to. I will teach you how to see it for yourself. There is nothing more important to me than this work, of opening your eyes to the joy and beauty of life. 

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